Posted by Alexander Falk on Jul 20, 2023
When the world is on fire, we need some touch of lightness. Don Dowling's first day on the job was giddlingly fun! As president, he promises not only to double his effort toward worthwhile causes we champion but to revitalize the "fun" department of the club. The day's first order was a compelling presentation by Bobby Dowling on fun facts about Lego. Bobby probably was the youngest Rotary speaker in our district! Did you know that there are around 400 billion LEGO bricks on Earth? How many pieces make a Millimuim Falcon? Answer: 7,541 pieces. How much does it retail for? Answer: $849.95. Go, Don! Photo: Elle (left), Don (middle), and Bobby (right) #allmarblehead #marbleheadrotary #district7930 #legoforlife #marbleheadyouth #rotaryfun #rotaryfamily