Performance Art Scholarships

Marblehead Rotary awards many scholarships each year. Marblehead's Got talent, usually held at Marblehead High-School, is our largest scholarship that this will divide $12,000 amongst the winners of this competition. All high school students that live in Marblehead are invited to audition for the Marblehead's Got Talent scholarships. After the auditions, a group is selected to  compete at the semi-finals; in February, a final event is held an winners are awarded one of three performing arts scholarships presented by the Marblehead Rotary Club: First Prize $5,000; Second Prize $3,000; Third Prize $2,000. Four semi-final awards of $500 each are also given and make up what is called our Fourth Prize. Scholarship awards may be utilized for college tuition and related expenses, or to a summer music, or performing arts program. Semi-final awards are also given and make up what is called our Fourth Prize.


2020 has been an extraordinary year for students and we weren't going to let the talented students of Marblehead down. There won't be any tickets this year as our audiences for the Semi-Finals and Finals will be virtual, but we'll still need your participation online to help decide who shines this year.



Steps to enter Marblehead's Got Talent 2021 
1. Send an email to:, you will be sent a list of requirements and a waiver form, the form is digital, you can fill it out and email it back; and if you're over 18, sign it yourself and email it to the address on the form. If you're over 18, you'll have to a have a parent or guardian sign it as well. Regardless of your age, you should have a parent or guardian look it over. Only students with completed and signed forms on file will be able to have their videos entered into the program.
Upload your video the link below.
2. Read this checklist of important items: 
  • Keep the music section of the video to about 5 minutes
  • Each video should begin with you introducing yourself
    • Hi, my name is...
    • I'm a freshman, sophomore, etc.
    • I've been singing, dancing, etc. for ...
    • I would like to win this scholarship because...
  • If you're doing the video in your room, tidy it up a bit
  • Keep it clean, this is a Rotary performance scholarship, not a rave
  • When you're done look at the camera and say thank you and drop the mic, yes we'll use that.
3. Click on the link below to upload your audition video for Marblehead's Got Talent Performance Scholarship 2021.
Semi-finals Webinar 
To register for the semi-finals webinar, send an email to:, you will be sent a personal voting number which will also be your password to join the webinar. The first 100 registrants will receive a free Marblehead's Got Talent t-shirt and mask.