Join us on Monday, November 13, 2023 between 10AM and 3PM at the Boston Yacht Club (1 Front Street, Marblehead, MA) to give a little something something (that would be blood). Give blood because you're awesome and get a free pair of Elf/Red Cross Socks because your feet are awesome. Call 800-RED CROSS, go to or download the Donate App to make an appointment. If you can't figure out any of those, send me an email and I'll walk you through the process. We need your blood. 
There will be a lot of helpful Rotarians as well as some most awesome Red Cross personnel there to help. We will have treats like cookies, gummies, crackers, pretzels and drinks for you to relax with while you're waiting or after you're done scoring a pair of Elf/Red Cross socks or if they're out of those, maybe a tshirt. Worse case you get get some Oreos and a water or juice. Please make an appointment. 
You must be at least 17 years old to donate to the general blood supply, or 16 years old with parental/guardian consent, if allowed by state law. There is no upper age limit for blood donation as long as you are well with no restrictions or limitations to your activities.